About us


Francesco Musella, 1941, was only 9 when he started to learn the sartorial method and the many working stages.

Sixty-four years, a long experience started in Caserta while learning at his grandfather Lorenzo atelier, at the age of 9, then some few years later in Milano at the Baratta Milano, then with Giuseppe Colavito, heir of the milanese school of Cesare Tosi “the human architect” to arrive working with the real masters of the revolutionary atelier of Mario Donnini & Augusto Caraceni, via Fatebenefratelli.

Moved by great passion for the arts and craftmanship, Gianfrancesco, the youngest son of three brothers started learning the trade along his father’s footsteps: three generations of tradition, all the little hues of the trade because “many little things create a unique one”. He would learn the trade starting from the basis, learning the old trade, then after more than ten years of stichings, his studies on the human anatomy and how this applies to the sartorial patterns.

Many years later, he and his father decides to reopen the old atelier as a little sartorial workshop. Here the customer enters in a different world where a personal private and trustworthy relationship begins.