The space inside the atelier is bright, clean and, most of all authentic: si respira un’aria antica, di un mestiere passato.

The master cuts and puts his experienced eye on every stitch; his son follows his steps. Everything here works like a ring in a chain, everything is connected and works well because of its organization. The workshop is open to the customers, inclined to the visits of those who can really apprecciate the value and the manufacturing process of a bespoke garment.

The soul of the atelier reveals by observing the artisans while on the work with their simple tools.

We believe that the real value of a sartorial product lies in the quality, the accuracy of the craftsmanship along with the quality of the material used and the personal taste, that in this work is the main important element in creating something unique: this is why our products are entirely handstitched by us in our atelier; by us created and controlled.

The designing phase is one of the most important: at first, the anomalies are considered, and after a complete measuring, we create the pattern, combining our abilities and experience along with our sense of elegance.

We think that a garment behaves like a glove. This must be designed around the body and, like a glove opens and closes following the movements of the hand, the same should be for a jacket.

Behind this theory and following our experience we developed our own style: our jacket, for example, is charachterised by a V shape, forming from the waiste point to the shoulder, with a medium angled shoulder and stitching behind, the sleeves have no wrinkles or creases, and the hemline has an egg shape to match the naturality of the shoulders.

These custom-tailored suits are always glued on the customer’s body, and while being a second skin, the freedom of movements and the lightness of the cut and manifacture makes the jacket very comfortable.


“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

Oscar Wilde


Our clientele comes from a niche market. People who like first of all the art in every forms, who appreciate the elegance of our forms and the accuracy of our manufacture.

Contrary to the common rules of the market, we offer products which are recognized and appreciated for their fitting and quality, and only after recognized by the logo.